Monday, July 12, 2010

New Ork Army.

As you SHOULD know by now, I of course play Tau for my warhammer 40k army. My cousin Erik plays Orks. My cousin Mike plays Imperial Guard. My brother Mitch plays Tyranids. And my best friend, Jasper, plays Eldar. But we now have a new addition to the 40k community. Jasper's little brother Quentin is starting an Ork army! He has watched us play and, despite how Jasper's other brother, Brett, dislikes the game, thought it looked fun. He has already bought the Ork codex, and has begun reading it. He said he enjoys the Ork's background, and is now getting the battleforce for his birthday. So far, i'm either going to get him a pack of boyz, a warboss, or some stormboyz. Something to compliment what comes in the Battleforce. I'm open to ideas, something in the $25 price range. please comment on what you think compliments the Ork battleforce!

1 comment:

  1. Without question he needs the warboss. With that, the small box set becomes a very decent starting (and legal) army.