Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gamesday 2011

Hey, everyone! As most of you Warhammer fans know, gamesday 2011 will be on June 30, in Chicago Illinois. hopefully, i'll be going with my cousins this year. This would be the first time I go to it, and you better beleive i'm excited! For those of you that don't yet know. As I stated, gamesday this year will be in Chicago, Illinois, on June 30. you can buy the tickets at games-workshop for $25. Hey, maybe i'll see you there!


Here I am once again, telling you that i'm sorry i havent posted in a long time. So for now on, i will be trying to update at least twice a week. It will probably be every Monday and Thursday. But, if I have something else I want to say before then, i'll most likely post it anyway!