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My name is Zach Wallis. I have been playing warhammer 40k since I was 8/9 years old. For a while I couldn't decide which 40k army to play. The first army I tried was Tyranids. I wasn't a big fan right away because ididn't really like their background. (Basically mindless bugs that go around devouring worlds) Then I tried Chaos Space Marines. I thought they looked cool. And I liked the background, and how they play on the table. But to be sure, kept trying armies. Then tried the Imperial Fist Space Marines and didn't like them as much as Chaos. Thn came Necrons. I absolutely loved the sheer power and look of the C'tan Nightbringer. (Still one of my favorite 40k peices)I also tried Dark Eldar, but didn't like how few peices you get. Then the Dark Angel Space Marines. I was enthralled by their background. Loved the way they where played on the tabletop. And enjoyed the simple, yet cool Dark Angel colorscheme. I was so close to buying the codex when I tried Tau. I first saw a painted Tau at my cousins' house, and I liked the colorscheme my cousin used. I also liked how it was a shooty army. I read some of their codex and found their background to be interesting. I liked how other alien races had joined them in the fight for the greater good, too. And then a new Tau commander was born...
Also, if you have any questions, you can email me at Pyrozombi@live.com

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