Memorable Games

Tau V.S. Orks
Game: Annihilation
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Opponent: Erik, Orks

This was one of my favorite games i've played. This was my last game I played in a tournament style thin I did with my brother and my two cousins. The first round I beat my cousin Mike and his Imperial Guard while my cousin Erik beat my brother Mitch's Tyranids with his Orks. The second game I beat my brother and Erik beat Mike. The last game Mitch beat Mike. Now for Me V.S. Erik. I had A squad of 12 fire warriors, 2 crisis battlesuits with a commander, a devilfish, and 6 pathfinders. Erik with 5 bikes(not sure what they are called, ha ha) 2 trukks, one with I think about 10 boyz, and 4 boyz, one with a power weapon. First his orks sped up to my army with their vehicles. I destroyed one trukk( the one with about 10 boyz) with my crisis battlesuits and the explosion killed two orks.Then picked of a couple with my pathinders. Then shot at his bikes with the fire warriors and killed one. my devilfish shot at the bikes as well but did nothing. Erik retaliated by driving his other trukk forward and his three boyz and one boy with a power weapon jumped out and assaulted my devilfish. His six boyz assaulted and killed four pathfinders in close combat. He then killed about three fire warriors with his bikes by shooting at them. He ended up destroying my devilfish. I can't remember much of the rest. But in the end he had his power weapon, a trukk, and one bike. I had my Commander. he assaulted my commander with his bike. At the end of the assault phase, he killed my cammander and had one wound left on hi bike. Erik ended in first place, Me is second, Mitch in third, and Mike in last. The reason Mike was in last is because he was trying a knew army list. He's actually pretty good and if he was using his normal army list could have probably had better chances. This has been a report of one of my favorite games of Warhammer 40k. Erik, if you have any details you remember, plese add them in a comment.

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