Sunday, July 18, 2010

Looking For Advice.

Hey everyone! Before I decided to play Tau, I played Dark Angel Space Marines. I loved their background and the look of them. I was so close to playing them before I found Tau. So, as for advice, I was wondering if I should play Tau AND Dark Angels. So far, I'm thinking yes. Please give any advice on the subject. It would help me a lot.


  1. It's tempting to double-dip with armies like that. I've done it. Erik has done it.

    But honestly it just hurts both armies.

    If you feel yourself getting bored with Tau, just try out some crazy tactics or take some units that you usually don't. Use stand-in models if you want (a great option if you don't want to plop down loads of cash on models you'll rarely use).

    Also, if it's any consolation, the current Dark Angels Codex is underpowered compared to the Space Puppies and Blood Angels. It's not as outdated as the Black Templars, but you're not missing much by not playing them.

  2. Thanks Mike. I haven't actually been getting bored with my Tau just thought it might be kind of interesting. And even before you posted the comment, I usually try a different army list and/or tactic each game.